A Church of England School

Inspection Quotes

'Bridge and Patrixbourne Church of England Primary School is an outstanding church school.

It provides a Christian environment where pupils engage in reflective learning and confidently celebrate their achievements.' 

Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools October 2012

All Church of England schools are inspected regularly under the Statutory Inspections of Anglican and Methodist Schools ( formerly known as SIAS) . Our last inspection was in October 2012, where we graded outstanding in all areas.

The areas assessed and judgements were:

Our strengths in the last inspection were:

For a more detailed view of our school please download the report at the bottom of this page.

What being a Church School means to us

We are a Church of England Primary School which is led and managed using overarching Christian values; we have strong links to the church and are held accountable to the Church of England for the effect that our Christian ethos and values have on the children who attend our school. Our values are based on the Fruits of the Spirit outlined by St Paul in his letter to Galatians (CH5 v 22) – love,  joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, fidelity, gentleness and self-control.

Part of being a church school is developed through school governance, where we have two Foundation Governors.  The elements of Christianity underpin all we do for everyone connected to the school: parents, staff, governors, not just the children.

In addition we have strong links with St Peter’s Church in Bridge where the children attend a service at the end of every term. Our collective worship also develops our values and ethos as do all our policies and practices. Collective Worship in school is led by different members of the teaching staff, which gives the children variety and different view points; collective worship themes are based on the Diocesan and Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning themes with emphasis on important events during the Christian calendar. A member of the clergy also leads collective worship in school on a weekly basis.

As a school we celebrate our Church status and the teaching of Religious Education! As you walk around our the school it is really clear that RE and the Church ethos is a central theme across all aspects of the school.  Please click on the link to see some of our RE and Collective Worship displays.