Online Safety Leaders



Members of Year 6 have taken on the role of ‘e-safety crew’.  This team acts as 'eyes and ears' for online-safety.  The team make a contribution to creating and publishing e-safety materials used across the school to promote e-safety. The e-safety crew are involved with input to class lessons to share their knowledge of keeping safe with others.  


One member was asked why they thought their role was important - “I want to help other children learn how to be safe whilst using the internet. I think this is really important because otherwise when they are searching for something they may see something they don’t like and they won’t know what to do”


As a school we feel that it is important to educate children in how to stay safe online and how to be responsible users of the internet. Each year our school takes part in Safer Internet Day which allows the children to think and learn more about how the internet is used.