Eco and Fair Trade

We are committed to being an Eco school and are part of the nation programme Eco Schools which encourages schools to:

Improve the school environment
Reduce waste and litter
Explore real environmental and global issues 
Reduce energy and water bills
Promote healthy lifestyles
Consider efficient ways of travelling to and from school
Encourages citizenship and care for our world

At Bridge School we want the children to see the bigger picture and know the value of their actions can make a difference and they work they do is important, showing them where it fits in on a local and global scale.

Our Eco Council members are eager and committed to doing small things to look after the environment as well as sharing their ideas with the rest of the school and wider community.

We are currently reviewing our existing Eco code as we begin to work towards renewing our Eco School status.

Look out for further news and updates from the Eco Council soon.


At Bridge School there are lots of things try to do to show we care including:

using both sides of the paper
checking print preview
joining the walking bus
closing the doors to keep the heat in
turning the lights of when we leave the classrooms for more than 10 minutes
recycling plastics and paper
planting flowers around our school