Sports Crew

What is a School Sports Crew?

A School Sports Crew is a diverse group of young people who join together to develop, organise and promote school sport and intra-school competition within the Sainsbury’s School Games.

Why do schools need a School Sports Organising Crew?

A Sports Crew provides a structured and meaningful mechanism for young people to do the following:

Contribute to decisions about sporting activities and sports competition in their school.
Engage in aspects of school life outside timetabled lessons.
Air views and have opinions listened to.
Influence and shape school sport for their peers.
Assist in the development and planning of ‘their’ Sainsbury’s School Games programme of activities based on student voice and need.
Organise intra-school competitions within their school.
Be valued and seen as an integral part of the workforce.

The Sports Crew should be seen as an essential aspect of developing school sport provision that meets the needs of young people.

Benefits of establishing a School Sports Organising Crew?

The Sports Crew is about young people organising and developing the Sainsbury’s School Games in their school, creating a culture in school within which young people are empowered to lead change. A functional and successful Sports Crew can contribute to achieving wider educational outcomes.

Enabling young people to do the following:

Take responsibility for their own learning.
Show a desire to improve and achieve in relation to their own abilities.
Set themselves attainable but aspirational goals.
Work independently and collaboratively with their peers.
Maximise participation in school work and life.
Develop their leadership and life skills.