Littlebourne Church of England Primary School


Littlebourne CE Primary School and Bridge and Patrixbourne CE Primary School 

Since the end of February 2015 there has been a Memorandum of Understanding between Littlebourne CE primary School and  Bridge and Patrixbourne CE Primary School,  operating in the context of a collaboration established under School Governance (Collaborative) (England) Regulations 2003 and approved by Kent Local Authority. The partnership was established to ensure strategic support and leadership for Littlebourne CE Primary School, during the academic year 2015/2016 and beyond through the leadership of an interim Executive Headteacher, Ren Chinnadurai. Until the end of the summer term 2015 the Head of School role was shared by Stella Byrne and Ren Chinnadurai. Since September 2015, Stella Byrne has been seconded full time in the role of Head of School whislt Ren Chinnadurai continues to be Executive Headteacher and the governors have been working hard to formalise a long term agreement for this collaborative partnership. The result so far has been a successful Ofsted with a good grading  ( September 2015) and an increase in pupil attainemnt and achievement ( July 2015).