Ofsted June 2014

Our most recent Ofsted inspection was carried out on 12th and 13th June 2014; the full report can be found by following the link below or from the Ofsted Website.

The inspectors not only commented to us positively on the children’s behaviour and ‘behaviours for learning’ but they were also full of praise for the pride shown in their school by the courteous, enthusiastic and intelligent children that they met, who clearly had a passion for learning and were appreciative of all the staff and the efforts that are made to enrich their learning experiences. They were also extremely positive and complimentary about the high quality of teaching throughout the school and the way that our staff have developed pupil engagement and create a wide range of stimulating and successful learning opportunities for the children. 

This inspection was carried out under the new Ofsted Framework for inspections that has been in place since April 2014  and the school has been given a  grade of ‘good’ for ‘Overall Effectiveness’ as well as grades for four areas:

Our school was awarded a grade for overall effectiveness as ‘Good’ under this framework. Ofsted’s definition of a good school is one that is effective in delivering outcomes that provide well for all its pupils’ needs. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education. However, this does not diminish our desire to achieve outstanding overall in our next inspection.

Comments from the report include:

Standards are high at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. In 2013, almost three quarters of pupils in Years 2 and 6 attained the highest levels in reading, writing and mathematics. Current school data as well as work seen in pupils’ books confirm that standards remain high.


The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Teachers and other adults create a calm and welcoming school which promotes reflective learning and celebrates the achievement of its pupils. Pupils value their excellent relationships with teachers and other adults, all of whom make a very strong contribution to their personal development and well-being.


Writing is improving rapidly and pupils enjoy presenting their ideas in different ways and for different audiences, in a range of subjects. Teachers make sure that children understand the importance of neat presentation and accurate spelling, handwriting and punctuation across all subjects. In addition, teachers enable all pupils, particularly the most able, to extend their ideas and reach the levels they are capable of. This enhances pupils’ progress.


The school’s promotion of pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is exceptional and is underpinned by the school’s Christian ethos. Pupils are encouraged to celebrate the diversity of different cultures from Reception onwards and time is made for reflection. Assemblies successfully promote pupils’ understanding of moral issues.


Adults who support pupils in need of additional help, including those with special educational needs, play a significant part in pupils’ successful learning.


Pupils have exceptionally well-developed social skills. They actively seek opportunities to help each other during lessons and in the playground. They are eager to learn and are highly motivated. Pupils get on extremely well together and respond positively to adults and this contributes a great deal to their successful learning.


Areas identified for improvement are:

Improve teaching from good to outstanding so that all pupils make rapid and sustained progress, by ensuring that:

Further improve ways of communicating with parents and carers and involving them in the learning of their children

Please click here to view our latest Ofsted report from June 2014.


Please click here to view our  report from April 2013. This was in the form of a letter written by HMI. Please read this as it shows how we are demonstrating that we have been swift in addressing all actions and showing impact. We also have had another visit from HMI in November 2013 and following this and scrutiny of data, we have been recommended for an early inspection. There was no letter resulting from this visit. For more details of what we focussing on in school please click here.

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Please view our current Ofsted Data Dashboard for KS2 (reporting on result for the year 2012-2013)

Please view our current Ofsted Data Dashboard for KS1 (reporting on results the year 2012-2013)

The School Data Dashboard 

This is updated each year in February with the previous year's results. It provides a snapshot of our schools  performance at Key Stages KS1 ( Year 2) and KS2 ( Year 6). It compares us against national and similar schools.

It reports on :

In addition to this it puts our school in context and reports on the context over the past three years with regards to different aspects including number of pupils on roll, gender ( girls and boys), SEN (Special Educational Needs) and those eligible for free school meals. It is interesting to look at this over time. 

For further information on Performance Data, please see the link below