Parental Perception

 "The school offers an exciting, creative curriculum which appeals to my children. High standards are achieved and expected. Lots of opportunities to perform (sing, play instruments) which has suited my children."

Each year, the staff and governors of Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School meet to discuss our priorities for the coming year; we look at what has gone well over the past year and what we would like to develop in the future.

It is very important that parents have a voice in this process and so we conduct an annual Parental Survey. Every single parent has an important stake in the future of Bridge School; your children are here and the decisions that we make directly impact on your children. This means that we need to hear from you what you think the school is doing well as well as what you feel could be improved.

These results are discussed with all stake-holders in the school (pupils, parents, staff and governors) and this feeds into our Strategic Improvement Plan.

Our last Parental Survey was March 2018, the results are published here.