Year 2 - The Sea

During term 5, Mrs Dennett, Mr Miles and I embarked on a journey of salty water and wild waves with Year 2. Yes! An Art, English and Music project! We began by exploring the work of artist J. M. W. Turner who painted many seascapes and (allegedly) strapped himself to the mast of a sailing ship to…

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Turner Contemporary Art Gallery

Last week, we took a small group of Year 1 and 2 pupils to the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate. We had a tour around the current exhibition and took part in a sensory workshop. The activities planned by staff at the gallery were along the theme of game, adventure and travel.

After a warm…

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Forest School Year 2 17.5.22

We started off with the game 'you are only safe if...' to learn more about the trees and plants in our area. It was hot and sunny this week and more importantly not stormy or rainy so we could go ahead and make our fires. We read the book 'Fiery Fox' to learn about how we light fires safely and…

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Forest School Year 2 16.5.22

This week was about food chains and forest webs. We read the 'Acorn' book which showed some of the animals and plants that can be related back to an acorn to give an idea of a wood web. The children found cards of forest animals and plants in the area and sorted them into producers (plants) like…

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The Boy with Flowers in His Hair

Today Mrs Haynes took a group of 2GD pupils onto the school playing field. They shared a book called The Boy with Flowers in His Hair. The pupils walked around the field identifying trees and sketching their leaves; they then created our own version of the book cover. 

Please check out the…

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Forest School Year 2 26.4.22

Welcome to Forest School. 

Our first week was all about trees, this week we looked at animals of the forest. We played a game 'You are only safe if...' and the children had to find certain trees or materials. Then they turned into birds - talking about what birds feed on and finding different…

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Forest School Year 2 3.5.22

This week was all about animals in Year 2. We woke up the worms by moving in different ways, we chatted about who eats worms and why they are useful. 

The children learned an insect song to help them to identify them. As squirrels, they were hiding some acorns and had to remember at the end of…

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Printing - pattern inspired by African textile design

Relief printing - pattern inspired by African textile design

Year 2 have completed their relief printing project! Each pupil has designed and printed a repeat pattern inspired by traditional African textiles. African pattern often includes 2D (geometric) shapes. So, we took the opportunity to…

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Infant Agility Competition - Year 2

On Tuesday 1st February, 10 children from Year 2 competed in the Infant Agility competition at Canterbury Academy. The children were an absolute delight to take out and performed really well, finishing 6th overall in the competition. Here are some quotes from the children:

"The best day of Year…

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Year one's imaginary adventure!

Throughout term six, Year one’s class reading book has been ‘Jack and Nancy’, written and illustrated by Quentin Blake. Jack and Nancy go on an exciting adventure. Travel, adventure, and exploration is a running theme through Quentin Blake’s work.

Inspired by his illustrations, pupils created…

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Trees - Year 1

Year 1 have continued to explore plants and nature this term. Within their art lessons pupils have been painting trees. They started by drawing a simple trunk and branches while carefully observing a photograph of a tree. Pupils were asked to try and keep their pencil on the A3 paper (as best they…

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Year 1 make clay leaves

Within their project about plants, pupils in Year 1 have been creating leaf relief prints in clay. Pupils have learnt how to handle and roll clay. Using tools, they pressed a leaf into the clay creating an imprint. They cut their clay leaves out, smoothed the edges and added a hole for hanging.…

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