In 2020 Year 3 wrote letters to different companies asking them to stop using palm oil to help to save Orangutans. The two classes received lots of replies and one of the children, Lily, received a reply from the Compass group stating that they were going to complete company review of the products they use. They also gave Lily (and the school) £500 to buy some books to help educate the pupils of Bridge about climate change and it's impact. 

This term, we finally had the opportunity for Lily and her friend Edie to go to Waterstones to buy some of these books. Mrs Haynes and Mrs Saunders spent the morning there with them choosing the different books. Lily and Edie have written about their book choices below and there are photos showing what a fantastic time they had.

We went to Waterstones in Canterbury to buy some books for the school library. We bought Eco Books because we are trying to become an Eco-School and fiction books for those who like fiction. We got some books to try and help the planet like: How to Help a Hedgehog and Protect a Polar Bear and Old Enough to Save the Planet. We also bought Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Zoe's Rescue Zoo and Llama out Loud.

By Lily and Edie

Waterstones Visit