Our vision for Geography at Bridge and Patrixbourne CEP School is that children will develop a sense of place and become invested in the pivotal geographical challenges facing our world today. Through a raft of learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, we hope that children will develop the skills of a geographer and leave Year 6 as advocates for a geographically aware world, using both local and global case studies as a lens for their learning.

Like all areas of the Curriculum at Bridge and Patrixbourne CEP School, Geography is inclusive for all learners and is adapted to suit the needs of the children in each class. Where appropriate, we link Geography to other curriculum subjects, demonstrating to the children the interrelated nature of the world.

Geography is a creative subject at Bridge and Patrixbourne CEP School through our use of multi-sensory learning experiences that both cater for, and enthuse, the broad spectrum of children that comprise our classes. We champion excellence through the modelling of geographical vocabulary and the celebration of Geography learning at the end of Term 1 annually. Furthermore, due to the nature of Geography exploring emotive and personal circumstances, our teaching and learning fosters a sense of resilience and proactivity to empower our children to realise the impact they can have.

Our rural location offers a multitude of learning opportunities for Geography and we aim for the children to have a strong awareness of their immediate world. Additionally however, our easy access to local cities and coastlines means the children have access to a broad range of locations for the children to study and explore.

Celebrating Teaching & Learning in Geography

Whilst Geography is taught throughout the year, at the end of Term 1 we review and celebrate the Geography that is being taught and you can see examples of the children's work below.

Geography Documents

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