Year 5 River Dour Trip

Image of Year 5 River Dour Trip

Last week, Year 5 visited the River Dour at Kearsney Abbey with the White Cliffs Countryside Partnership. Martha and Matilda taught us lots of facts about the river, how it is chalk based and what animals can be found in it. The children were tasked with building a raft that would float along the…

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Forest School Year 3 Term 4 2024

Image of Forest School Year 3 Term 4 2024

Term 4 was all about the Stone age for Year 3! 

The children practised their knots, they created tools out of sticks and flint stones, they made their own natural paint brushes and paint and used the wattle and daub method to create walls and shelters. 

In our second session, we went to…

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Forest School Year R Term 4 2024

Image of Forest School Year R Term 4 2024

This Term Reception have learned some bird names and which  materials they use to build nests. We sang our Robin song, had a mud and spoon race, some children chose to make mud faces on trees and we introduced the spades for digging. In our second session, we thought about which animals live in…

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Year 1 Forest School Term 5 2024

Image of Year 1 Forest School Term 5 2024

In Term 4 Year 1 have learned about life cycles of frogs and butterflies- we acted them out in our fire circle and read stories. The children found leaves that have been eaten by caterpillars and other insects. We sang an insect song and learned about the parts of the body and that every insect…

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Year 5 Pig Visit 2

Image of Year 5 Pig Visit 2

Yesterday, both classes visited The Pig for our second visit as part of the Adopt a School programme. We began by looking at spring herbs and comparing these to the autumnal vegetables we saw on our last visit. The children were able to smell and taste them which resulted in some expressive…

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World Down Syndrome Day - Year 5

Image of World Down Syndrome Day - Year 5

Last week in Year 5, we learnt about Down Syndrome as part of Neurodiversity Week. The children learnt about what Down Syndrome is, how it is caused and how it affects people. As part of this, the children planted sunflowers and wore odd socks to celebrate difference and uniqueness. We are going…

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Observational drawing by Year one

Image of Observational drawing by Year one

Year one pupils have been drawing plastic animal toys from observation this week. As a class, we discussed: how to carefully look at the objects and drawing what they see; the importance of referring back to the object regularly when drawing; sketching lightly with their pencil in case they need…

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Year 4 Term 4 Forest School 2024

Image of Year 4 Term 4 Forest School 2024

A fun packed Term at Forest School for Year 4. We learned some woodland bird names and looked at signs of spring, learning about buds. Year 4 helped to bring up the woodchip from the bottom of the field with wheelbarrows and distributed it around the new trees to help them grow (and making our…

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Seren enters Young Artists - Royal Academy of Arts

Image of Seren enters Young Artists - Royal Academy of Arts


Wild Side by Seren


‘This piece of artwork is all about expressing your true self. My main inspirations were, my garden, previous mistakes on sketches, Henri Matisse’s awesome prints and, of course, my family. If you look closely, you can see hidden creatures such as a ladybird and a…

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Marble runs - Year One

Image of Marble runs - Year One

This term, Year one pupils have designed and made their own marble runs.


Within morning/class work they explored existing products (plastic marble runs) and practised using tools and joining techniques. Within their DT lessons, the classes discussed slides in the playground; gravity; the…

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Grendal - Year 5!

Image of Grendal - Year 5!

This term, Year 5 have been studying the story of Beowulf within their English lessons. Drawing upon their descriptions of the monster in their writing, pupils designed and constructed Grendel’s severed head from clay.

Beware, these sculptures are grotesque and incredibly scary!

We began the…

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Science Competition

Image of Science Competition

Thank you to all of the children and families who took part in our Science House Competition. We had some amazing entries in all presented in a creative and unique way showing what farming may look like in the future. We were very lucky to have Mike Barker from Essentially Hops as our judge and he…

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