Microscopic fruit - Year one

Image of Microscopic fruit - Year one

Using inspiration from two books, Oliver’s Vegetables and Oliver’s Fruit Salad, children in Year one used their observational skills to draw from microscopic photographic images of fruit by the artist Rob Kesseler. These images are really funky and abstract. Within the lesson, the children learnt…

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Observational drawing of skulls - Year 6

Image of Observational drawing of skulls - Year 6

Year 6 will be creating relief prints inspired by the artist Georgia O’Keefe later this term. To begin the project, pupils have drawn skulls in the classroom. After the warm-up activity of drawing the skulls with a continuous line only, the pupils then took their time to observe them carefully and…

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Marble runs - Year One

Image of Marble runs - Year One

This term, Year one pupils have designed and made their own marble runs.


Within morning/class work they explored existing products (plastic marble runs) and practised using tools and joining techniques. Within their DT lessons, the classes discussed slides in the playground; gravity; the…

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Science Competition

Image of Science Competition

Thank you to all of the children and families who took part in our Science House Competition. We had some amazing entries in all presented in a creative and unique way showing what farming may look like in the future. We were very lucky to have Mike Barker from Essentially Hops as our judge and he…

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Science Week 2024

Image of Science Week 2024

There was great excitement around the school last week as it was Science Week. The week started with all classes taking part in an investigation called Get Set Jellies! The children had to investigate which of the fruits provided would stop the jelly from setting. As a class they had to decide how…

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Creepy Claws visits Year 2

Image of Creepy Claws visits Year 2

On Tuesday 23rd January Year 2s were very excited to welcome Michael (the man from Creepy Claws ) and a selection of his animals into school. He brought with him; Ronnie the chinchilla, Louise the gecko, Rose the tarantula, Cleopatra the python, Spike the scorpion, a giant millipede called Milly…

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Year 5 Pig Visit 1

Image of Year 5 Pig Visit 1

On Monday, Year 5 visited the Pig at Bridge Place for the first of 3 sessions looking at seasonal gardening. This is part of their 'Adapt A School' campaign in which we have been lucky enough to be selected to work closely with their team. While we were there, the Year 5 children learnt about what…

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Year 5 Space Day

Image of Year 5 Space Day

This week, Jackson from As Creatives delivered a Space themed workshop to both Year 5 classes. Through a range of drama-based activities the children learnt all about the planets which make up our solar system. We then focused on Earth and its orbit around the sun, as well as the moon's…

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Rubber Chicken Darts - Year 5

Image of Rubber Chicken Darts - Year 5

Year 5 have been given the challenge of designing and making toy Moon Buggies for children aged 9-10. The product specification is as follows:


  • It must move using an elastic band ‘pull back’ mechanism
  • Have 4 wheel and 2 axels
  • The dimensions must not exceed an A4 piece of paper
  • Be…
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Year 5 Levers

Image of Year 5 Levers

As part of our learning about Forces in Science this term, the children needed to explore forces in action. They were tasked with making a mini mangonel (a catapult) which would fire a ping pong ball from a plastic spoon. After the first round of firing attempts, the children then needed to modify…

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Year 5 Parachutes

Image of Year 5 Parachutes

This term, Year 5 have been exploring different Forces, in particular gravity and air resistance. To test their learning, the children were tasked with designing a parachute with optimum air resistance, as to slow the speed of descent. They had the option to change one of three variables: canopy…

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Year 5 - Sir Isaac Newton’s colour wheel

Image of Year 5 - Sir Isaac Newton’s colour wheel

First Art blog of the year! What have year 5 been up to in their Art lessons?


Pupils in Year 5 have been learning about the artist’s colour wheel.


The modern colour-wheel is based on Sir Isaac Newton’s experimentation with light. While Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge…

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