Key Stage 2 Ball Games Club

Image of Key Stage 2 Ball Games Club

It has been a pleasure to teach a group of 12 Key Stage 2 boys two disabled-friendly sports over the last 8 weeks. We started with Goalball, an invasion game where the children wore blindfolds and had to use their hearing skills to locate an audible ball and defend their goal. We then moved onto…

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Embrace Your Body

Image of Embrace Your Body

Body image is a topic that quite often comes up as children get older and I came across this video which seeks to promote body positive imagery among our children. The messages that our children receive are a concern as they can feel under pressure to conform to an 'expected' body image by their…

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Conversations About Life Online - NSPCC

Image of Conversations About Life Online - NSPCC

Children are spending more and more time using the internet and helping them to understand the internet better is the best way to shield them from its worst excesses.

I’d like to draw your attention to an article the NSPCC published earlier this month: ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for…

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Peace Doves

Image of Peace Doves

At Bridge, we have taken part in the Peace Doves project in conjunction with Rochester Cathedral. This involved us learning about the value of peace and writing uplifting messages on our flock of doves. We looked at how we can create peace: at home, church and school, in Ukraine and within…

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Maths Workshop for Parents - Multiplication Tables

Image of Maths Workshop for Parents - Multiplication Tables

Mrs Cork has created a video for parents to watch about the importance of learning their multiplication tables.

Please do leave comments on whether you found this useful.


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