Maths Day

Image of Maths Day

Our day began with a whole school magical and mathematical assembly, presented by Master Magician Tony Charles, which created tangible excitement about the magical possibilities of number.

Throughout the day, every year group then experienced a Magic show with a variety of exciting tricks…

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Printing - pattern inspired by African textile design

Image of Printing - pattern inspired by African textile design

Relief printing - pattern inspired by African textile design

Year 2 have completed their relief printing project! Each pupil has designed and printed a repeat pattern inspired by traditional African textiles. African pattern often includes 2D (geometric) shapes. So, we took the opportunity to…

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Maths Workshop for Parents - Multiplication Tables

Image of Maths Workshop for Parents - Multiplication Tables

Mrs Cork has created a video for parents to watch about the importance of learning their multiplication tables.

Please do leave comments on whether you found this useful.


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Mayan Day

Image of Mayan Day

Thank you to everyone in year 4 for participating so enthusiastically in our Mayan Day. The outfits were brilliant. We all enjoyed being explorers and discovering new things about the Maya. We learnt about a few of the many gods including the sun god and the maize god and why they were so…

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Maths Masterclass

Image of Maths Masterclass

Over the past five weekends, Aum, Tom and Eddie have represented the school at the University of Kent and taken part in a Mathematics Masterclass. Over the weeks they have solved problems, looked at patterns, broke codes and investigated shape. Well done a fantastic achievement!

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Fractions in Year 6

Image of Fractions in Year 6

Rasmus and Alicia (6MB) both came along to my office today to show me their excellent problem solving with fractions in Maths today. I was very impressed with their systematic working and the ease in which they could explain their strategies.

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Maths in 2RF

Image of Maths in 2RF

Year 2 have been learning how to use partitioning to add two 2-digit numbers together. This morning, Lorenzo, Polly and Oliver came along to my office to show their excellent work and explain their mathematical strategies.

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