Year 5 Greek Day

What a fantastic morning we have had in Year 5 with Aleka Samothraki ( a parent  in our school) . We have been learning about Ancient Greeks this term and Aleka offered to come in and share the morning teaching the children how to write their names in Greek. She very kindly prepared a feast of…

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Textiles - Fibre Art by year 4

Year 4 are delighted to share with you our cross curricular project inspired by the life and work of Faith Ringgold, an African American, female artist and author.

Our current display is of our own ‘fibre art’, a title used by Faith to describe her own particular form of art, combining…

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Roman Artefact Afternoon

Yesterday, year 4 investigated and explored Roman artefacts from Canterbury museum. They handled coins, jewellery and pieces of Roman mosaic. A lovely afternoon. 

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Year 3 met Claw!!!

Year 3 were made aware of something mysterious lurking behind the mound on the field today, so went to investigate! When we reached the Forest School area, we noticed a pile of logs that had been used for a fire and some kind of prehistoric den. Then, much to the children's amazement (and terror…

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Mayan Day

Thank you to everyone in year 4 for participating so enthusiastically in our Mayan Day. The outfits were brilliant. We all enjoyed being explorers and discovering new things about the Maya. We learnt about a few of the many gods including the sun god and the maize god and why they were so…

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Year Two’s History

We have been learning about Thomas Becket. We listened to the story and acted it out. Then we chose how we wanted to retell the story. Some of us drew story maps, some of us drew cartoon strips and some of us chose to write the story. 

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World War 2 Day

Following our studying on the Second World War, some pupils in Year 6 had a go at following an authentic recipe for cheese scones and sampled some traditional wartime sweets. We held a tea-party in the afternoon complete with bunting and some classic Glenn Miller!

Please view our slideshows…

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Miracles in Year 3

Another couple of very busy weeks in Year 3!

Following on from our visit to Canterbury Cathedral ,where we looked at the Miracle Windows of Thomas Becket , the children thought it would be fun to create their own stained glass windows and write the tales that told the story of their own…

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Year 3 Pilgrims

Year 3's feet have not touched the ground since they came back to school. They began their cross-curricular learning journey by becoming pilgrims and retracing the footsteps of Henry 2nd to learn the story of Thomas Becket; the children dressed as pilgrims and looked amazing! As they…

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Year 4 Trip to Roman Museum

Year 4 had a fantastic trip to the Dover Museum where we learnt all about Romans. The day started with a clay work shop where we all made a Roman soldier. We learnt that they were not allowed facial hair and had to have ear protectors in case their ears got sliced off in battle! The next activity…

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