Year one paint red peppers!

Image of Year one paint red peppers!

Year one continue to explore fruit and vegetables this term. Last week, the children used their observational skills to draw and paint red peppers.


As a class, we discussed scale (drawing the peppers larger to fill their A3 paper); oil pastels and how they resist paint (used for the…

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Microscopic fruit - Year one

Image of Microscopic fruit - Year one

Using inspiration from two books, Oliver’s Vegetables and Oliver’s Fruit Salad, children in Year one used their observational skills to draw from microscopic photographic images of fruit by the artist Rob Kesseler. These images are really funky and abstract. Within the lesson, the children learnt…

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Repeat printing - Year 2

Image of Repeat printing - Year 2

With links to their Geography project, Year 2 have been exploring relief printing and have created their own repeat patterns inspired by the work of Indonesian artist John Martono, traditional printing techniques and the seas and marine life of Indonesia. The children have used their observational…

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Skull prints - Year 6

Image of Skull prints - Year 6

Throughout last term, Year 6 explored relief printing. Using inspiration from female artist Georgia O’Keefe, pupils began the project by drawing real skulls from observation using 4B/6B pencil. The children learnt how to transfer their drawings onto card with tracing paper; they were then able to…

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Year 5 Rosie Duffield Visit

Image of Year 5 Rosie Duffield Visit

On Friday, Year 5 were visited by local MP, Rosie Duffield! The main aim of her visit was to award the winners of her anti-littering poster competition their prizes. Imogen and May were runners up and Leo was the overall winner, each creating striking posters to encourage people to take better…

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Clockwork shadow puppets - Year 5

Image of Clockwork shadow puppets - Year 5

Throughout last term, Year 5 studied ‘Clockwork’ by Philip Pullman. The children designed and made their own shadow-puppets inspired by the book; in groups they wrote a script and used them within a performance in front of the class. They explored the traditional shadow puppets from South East…

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Think Design Print - Creative Folkestone

Image of Think Design Print - Creative Folkestone

A big thank you to Creative Folkestone for running another Art workshop for a group of our Year 4 pupils last week. The children worked with two local artists, Tania and Emily, who delivered the workshop: Think Design Print.


The children began the morning by looking at images of everyday…

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Insect Gardens - Year R

Image of Insect Gardens - Year R

Over the last two weeks, Year R have continued to explore joining materials; they have considered space, shape, three-dimensional form and have been manipulating and sculpting with paper.


The children designed and made their own insect garden/playground; this links to the Year R term topic…

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Year 5 Gulbenkian Trip

Image of Year 5 Gulbenkian Trip

Today, Year 5 were invited to the Gulbenkian Theatre to take part in a workshop of a new show based the traditional Lithuanian fairy tale, 'Queen of the Serpents'. The performance took place in two parts, part one saw Holly Class sit on the stage and be immersed in the action, whilst Maple Class…

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Clay modelling - Year R

Image of Clay modelling - Year R

Over the last two weeks, Year R have been learning how to model animals with clay. As a class, we began by discussing sculpture and three-dimensional art. The children then began to explore the clay with their hands; they squeezed the clay; rolled it into balls and then cylinders. They were shown…

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Observational drawing of skulls - Year 6

Image of Observational drawing of skulls - Year 6

Year 6 will be creating relief prints inspired by the artist Georgia O’Keefe later this term. To begin the project, pupils have drawn skulls in the classroom. After the warm-up activity of drawing the skulls with a continuous line only, the pupils then took their time to observe them carefully and…

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Observational drawing by Year one

Image of Observational drawing by Year one

Year one pupils have been drawing plastic animal toys from observation this week. As a class, we discussed: how to carefully look at the objects and drawing what they see; the importance of referring back to the object regularly when drawing; sketching lightly with their pencil in case they need…

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