Bridge Proms Edition V

Image of Bridge Proms Edition V

Welcome to the fifth edition of The Bridge Times. This week the reporters are looking ahead to The Bridge Proms as well as looking back at the impact of The Dogs Trust workshops. We hope you enjoy reading the articles.

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Bridge Times Edition IV

Image of Bridge Times Edition IV

Edition IV of the Bridge Times includes excitement about Saturday's coronation of King Charles, a special interview with one of our members of staff and some sporting success. Thank you again to our four year 5 reporters!

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Paddington Visits Year 3

Image of Paddington Visits Year 3

The staff and children of Year 3 arrived this morning to see Paddington had visited the year group...and had caused havoc across both classrooms! After further investigation, it seemed he had been intrigued by our learning about the famous fury creature, and wanted to pay us a visit. However, his…

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The Bridge Times Edition III

Image of The Bridge Times Edition III

We hope you enjoy the third edition of The Bridge Times, including an interview with the chair of the PTA and some exciting sports news.

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The Bridge Times Edition II

Image of The Bridge Times Edition II

We are delighted to announce that Edition II of the Bridge Times has arrived. Please click on the link below to find out what has been happening in school recently!

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Beowulf - Year 5

Image of Beowulf - Year 5

Last term, Year 5 were studying the story of Beowulf within their English lessons. Drawing upon their descriptions of the monster in their writing, pupils designed and constructed Grendel’s severed head from clay.

Beware, these sculptures are grotesque and incredibly scary!

We began the…

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The Bridge Times Newspaper is BACK!

Image of The Bridge Times Newspaper is BACK!

We are delighted to see that four Year 5 children have resurrected the school newspaper - The Bridge Times. You can see the first edition below, we hope it will be the first of many!

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Year 3 Cave Art!

Image of Year 3 Cave Art!

In English today, we had an Experience Day looking at the Stone Age medium of cave art. We explored the meaning behind lots of different examples and discussed why and how these illustrations would have been created. Following that, we divided into 'Stone Age Tribes' and devised a backstory for…

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Faith Ringgold story quilts - Year 4

Image of Faith Ringgold story quilts - Year 4

Year 4 are delighted to share with you our cross curricular project inspired by the life and work of Faith Ringgold, an African American female artist and author.

Our current display is of our own ‘fibre art’, a title used by Faith to describe her own particular form of art, combining…

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Cabinet of Curiosities

Image of Cabinet of Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities is open!


Sometimes known as ‘wonder rooms’, cabinets of curiosities contain small collections of extraordinary and interesting objects. Our ‘wonder room’ is curated by our librarian, Mrs Haynes.


The Cabinet of Curiosities has been created to engage pupils…

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3JA Egyptian Day

Image of 3JA Egyptian Day

Last week, the children of 3JA visited Kent Life in Maidstone for an Egyptian themed day. We came across lots of Egyptian characters who led a range of sessions, varying from entertaining pharaohs to preserving bodies to enter the afterlife. The children had lots of hands-on experience such as…

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The Ironman 2022

Image of The Ironman 2022

Year4 had a great time in Term1 studying the book ‘The Ironman’ by Ted Hughes. In Art we looked at the work of illustrator Chris Mould. We used his work as inspiration for our own Ironman illustrations. The children layered their watercolours with wax rubbings and pen and ink. They…

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