Year 3 Magnificent Mountains

Image of Year 3 Magnificent Mountains

To finalise our learning on Mountains and Rivers this term, today we designed and made our own models. To begin with, we chose the materials we wanted to use before getting to work on our masterpieces. Once the models were complete we added the labels, detailing the features of both rivers and…

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Masked Year 4s

Image of Masked Year 4s

Have you ever watched the Masked Singer or The Masked Dancer on the Tv? If you have, you may have marvelled at the masks that the contestants wear. Year 4 were challenged to imagine that they were going to be on this show. They had to explore, research, design, make and evaluate a mask. They had…

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Year One Christmas cards - DT

Image of Year One Christmas cards - DT

In DT last term, Year 1 made moving Christmas cards. During their morning work with class teachers, pupils worked independently to explore and practise making  simple mechanisms - levers and sliders - that enable parts of their cards to move! A lever pivots around a split pin and can partially…

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Year 3 Egyptian Necklaces - DT

Image of Year 3 Egyptian Necklaces - DT

The Year three topic last term was Ancient Egypt. Within Design Technology, pupils designed and made necklaces inspired by Ancient Egyptian art. This was a textiles project and the main feature on each necklace is a rectangular shaped piece of weaving. Pupils also explored making tassels and paper…

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DT - Year 6 Chairs

Image of DT - Year 6 Chairs

The long awaited Year 6 chairs are here! The children finished making them on the penultimate day of term 2 – all day DT!


Throughout this project, Year 6 have: learnt about strong shapes and forces; explored materials, techniques, joins and structures; made initial designs inspired by…

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Year 5 Space Buggy DT

Image of Year 5 Space Buggy DT

In Year 5, we have created our own Space Buggy in response to our science learning this term on Earth and Space. We began by reflecting back on what we learnt about the different planets and their features. From this, we explored what our Space Buggy would need in order to investigate  these…

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The Great Fire of London - Year 2

Image of The Great Fire of London - Year 2

As part of our history work on The Great Fire of London, the children were set a Design and Technology challenge to rebuild London after the fire. They were given various materials and had to choose which to use and how best to join them together. Working in small groups, they designed their…

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Visit from Architect - Mr Town

Image of Visit from Architect - Mr Town

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Mr Town (parent) from OSG Architecture. We were fascinated to see so many different styles of buildings and to hear about some of the things that Architects do and have to think about. Some Year 4s were delighted to find out that by playing Mine Craft you can…

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Visit from Architecture Lecturer - Robert Nice

Image of Visit from Architecture Lecturer - Robert Nice

Before beginning to construct their final chairs later this week, Year 6 were privileged to be visited by an architecture lecturer today! Robert Nice, one of our parents, works at UCA in Canterbury teaching architecture; he generously gave up his time to come into school and chat with pupils about…

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Year 6 chair project update!

Image of Year 6 chair project update!

Our DT projects consist of four steps – explore, design, make and evaluate.

Year 6 are designing chairs for an Action-man sized person. Pupils have been given a brief and have chosen their target customer and the style of chair they will make.

Week one

To begin the project, the pupils…

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More pictures from Mountain Mayhem!

Image of More pictures from Mountain Mayhem!

Here are some pictures of the models that 3SA made last Friday in their DT/Geography session on mountains and rivers.

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Year 3 Mountain Mayhem!

Image of Year 3 Mountain Mayhem!

This term in Geography we have been learning about the features of rivers and mountains. Today we combined this knowledge and were set the challenge to design and construct a mountain with a flowing river down it. We labelled our models with the features we have been learning about and had a lot…

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