Year 5 Pig Visit 3

Image of Year 5 Pig Visit 3

This morning, we were visited by 'Steve The Gardener' from The Pig for the third and final collaboration as part of this year's 'Adopt a School Programme'. Unlike previous visits where our children have attended The Pig and learnt about food seasonality in the beautiful gardens, this time Steve…

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Clockwork shadow puppets - Year 5

Image of Clockwork shadow puppets - Year 5

Throughout last term, Year 5 studied ‘Clockwork’ by Philip Pullman. The children designed and made their own shadow-puppets inspired by the book; in groups they wrote a script and used them within a performance in front of the class. They explored the traditional shadow puppets from South East…

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Insect Gardens - Year R

Image of Insect Gardens - Year R

Over the last two weeks, Year R have continued to explore joining materials; they have considered space, shape, three-dimensional form and have been manipulating and sculpting with paper.


The children designed and made their own insect garden/playground; this links to the Year R term topic…

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Clay modelling - Year R

Image of Clay modelling - Year R

Over the last two weeks, Year R have been learning how to model animals with clay. As a class, we began by discussing sculpture and three-dimensional art. The children then began to explore the clay with their hands; they squeezed the clay; rolled it into balls and then cylinders. They were shown…

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Year 5 Pig Visit 2

Image of Year 5 Pig Visit 2

Yesterday, both classes visited The Pig for our second visit as part of the Adopt a School programme. We began by looking at spring herbs and comparing these to the autumnal vegetables we saw on our last visit. The children were able to smell and taste them which resulted in some expressive…

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Marble runs - Year One

Image of Marble runs - Year One

This term, Year one pupils have designed and made their own marble runs.


Within morning/class work they explored existing products (plastic marble runs) and practised using tools and joining techniques. Within their DT lessons, the classes discussed slides in the playground; gravity; the…

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Ancient Roman bread - Birch class

Image of Ancient Roman bread - Birch class

Ancient Roman bread.


This week, Birch class made their flavoured Roman bread. We began by giving the children their instructions using bossy verbs; we discussed the importance of hygiene and cleaning surfaces before beginning to prepare food. The children added their chosen flavours to the…

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Ancient Roman food

Image of Ancient Roman food

Aiming for the complete immersion into the domestic life of an Ancient Roman, Year 4 have been exploring food and cooking of the period. The children started last week by making their own clay cooking/serving pots using the coil method (also used by the Ancient Romans).


This week they…

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Wheels and axles - Year R!

Image of Wheels and axles - Year R!

Over the last two weeks, the children in Year R have been making their own vehicles from card. With the help of a drawn template and step by step instructions, they have been able to make their own cars that can be pushed along and include wheels and axles. Year R have used tools such as scissors…

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Year R - joining materials 2

Image of Year R - joining materials 2

Throughout term 3, Year R practised joining materials together. The children have created large-scale collaged pictures inspired by fairy tales; made their own glue from flour and water; created lollipops and wands; learnt how to use tabs and PVA glue; practised wrapping pipe cleaners; used hole…

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Architecture Workshop - Year 6

Image of Architecture Workshop - Year 6

A massive thank you to Vicky Kirk, a director of Studio Partington (an award-winning London architect practice), who visited our school this week to run an Architecture workshop for ten Year 6 pupils. Vicky introduced the diverse role of an architect and talked about the variety of buildings,…

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Year R join materials

Image of Year R join materials

Year R use PVA glue!


Over the last two weeks, children in Year R have been given the choice of making either a magic wand or an ice lolly from a range of art materials. Some attempted to draw out shapes using a stencil but all cut out their own star or lolly from card. They attached a…

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