Forest School Year 1 23.3.22

What a sunny week! Amazing. 

I had promised the children s'mores for a long time and the weather seemed perfect for a campfire and snack. We read the book 'Fiery Fox' again to remind ourselves of the rules around a fire. The children all had a turn at roasting marshmallows and they enjoyed them…

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Judo Training (Commonwealth Games Initiative)

On Thursday 24th March, 30 children from Years 4,5 & 6 attended a training session to introduce them to Judo. Martin, from the Prince of Wales Club, and his 3 coaches put the children through their paces and showed them how to perform some holds and how to understand the Judo commands. 


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Hockey Awards

Jess (Year 4) has received an accolade from her club (Canterbury HC) at the annual awards where she was presented with the Player of the Year award and a trophy. She is pictured here with her sister, Megan (Year 6), as they both also got medals on the same day for winning a club tournament (Polo…

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Terrific Hockey News!

On the weekend of 20th March, Sam (Year 4) played for the Canterbury U10s team in the Regional Hockey Finals. His team competed against the top 2 qualifying teams in Surrey, Sussex and Kent and won the silver medal! Well done Sam and team for  such a fantastic achievement!

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Year 5 - Grendel's severed head!

This term, Year 5 have been studying the story of Beowulf within their English lessons. As part of their writing, they described the characters of the story including the monster Grendel. Drawing upon their descriptions of the monster, pupils designed and constructed Grendel’s severed head from…

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Printing - pattern inspired by African textile design

Relief printing - pattern inspired by African textile design

Year 2 have completed their relief printing project! Each pupil has designed and printed a repeat pattern inspired by traditional African textiles. African pattern often includes 2D (geometric) shapes. So, we took the opportunity to…

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Week 3 - Yr R Music and Art

It’s week 3 of our Music and Art project – Mrs Brookes led a music lesson using the children’s homemade instruments and drawing upon previous learning. To warm up, the children marched like dinosaurs and moved to a steady beat.

Pupils then tapped, shook and scraped their instruments; each of…

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Forest School Year 1 16.3.22

Spring is here.

The children learned about the special word 'Equinox' which is on the 20th March - Equi stands for Equal and Nox stands for night, meaning that the sun crosses the equator in such a way that day and night are the same amount of time with days soon being longer. Remind your…

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Year R - Music and Art

Art and Music have been collaborating within Year R lessons this term. Reception pupils have been exploring musical instruments to tap, shake and scrape. Last week pupils made their own musical instruments with Mrs Smith and decorated them using inspiration from shapes found within Henri Matisse’s…

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Printing workshop with Artist James Paxton

James Paxton has kindly taken the time this term to run a relief printing workshop with 12 lucky Year 6 students. James is a parent at the school and is a practising artist. He used to work as a secondary Art teacher and he studied print making at university.

James ran the project over two…

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Top Ranking Tennis Achievement!

On the weekend of 26th February, Iris (Year 4) travelled to Sheffield with Stewart Bristow and his team to play in a tournament against players from around the UK. Iris was the youngest player there and, after the first day of play, qualified for the main draw. She then gained a place in the…

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Forest School Year 1 9.3.22

Anne Booth, a fabulous local author came to visit us this week in Forest School - we were very lucky. 

She read the book 'BLOOM' (in very sunny weather) which is all about being kind and caring. This was our theme for the afternoon. On offer were log slices and palm drills, which they could…

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