Term 4 started with 'Happy pancake day'! 

Children made a fire and they are brilliant by now at remembering the rules. They had to mix the batter - 1 grated apple, 1 cup oat milk, 2 cups flour, they had to spoon it in the pan, flip it and then ENJOY the campfire pancake. Some children tried apple pancakes for the first time - needless to say, not many were left over! 

I introduced the new slack line which runs between two trees and supports their balancing skills. 

As Year 1 children were learning about animals, we acted out the life cycle of butterfly, we learned the insect song and played the caterpillar game. We had a go at setting up a tunnel with food and ink in order to catch animals' footprints but unfortunately no animals came (possibly because it was snowing over night). We will try again when the weather is a little warmer. 

Some of us were lucky and we got to listen to a woodpecker in the trees. It was out of sight, yet the noise was very clear. Can you hear any outside on walks? 

I also introduced a gratitude jar where children can add ideas what they are thankful for on an ongoing basis. 

The children created some spring painting using water colours and looking at the trees and flowers around us. We moved one of the evergreen oak tree so it has more space to grow - great team work helpers! 

We also talked about Equinox (Equi= equal, nox = night), the beginning of spring where night and day are the same length. Children found signs of spring in our area - feel free to venture out and search for bird's nests, insects, seedlings, buds and flowers etc. on walks when you go outside. 

Some children helped weeding the raised beds, ready for spring planting and filled up the bird feeders. Fabulous sessions - I am looking forward to term 5. Have a great Easter holiday 


Forest School Year 1 Term 4 2023