Summer term brings summer fun. 

The colour monster visited us - we read the book and talked about emotions and what keeps us calm, with a focus on the natural world outside. The children drew something that made them feel calm in the Forest School area. The children enjoyed the swing made by the Year 4 children, they enjoyed the hammock and they were weeding and feeding the new saplings with bark. 

During the next week, we talked about calming sounds and this session was very musical. The children used palm drills and string in order to create their own musical instruments. They explored tapping, scraping and blowing with different natural materials to make sounds. We had some brilliant performances. 

We found a very special protected stag beetle and added it to the stag beetle habitat that we created. 

Staying with the children's learning about plants, we played some games and created some leaf rubbings, learning about simple and compound leaves. We also created a big human clock to tie in with their learning about the time. 

Some children were looking after the birds and fed them with bird seeds. Year 1 helped me make some wooden flags for the compost bins to show people which one is currently in use. Finally, the children explored working with the peeler. The whittled some wood, used wool and created wands (and they might have turned me into frogs, snakes and all sorts of animals with it). 

Have a fabulous summer holiday everyone.