In Term 4 Year 1 have learned about life cycles of frogs and butterflies- we acted them out in our fire circle and read stories. The children found leaves that have been eaten by caterpillars and other insects. We sang an insect song and learned about the parts of the body and that every insect has 6 legs. We spotted some ladybirds hibernating in the shed window and when the weather turned warmer , we spotted lots of ladybirds on the nettles outside. Spring has sprung. We walked around to find signs of spring in our area, the children could choose to paint daffodils and they enjoyed relaxing in the hammock. Year 1 helped to carry up woodchip with a wheelbarrow to help our new trees to grow. 

We also read 'The Colour Monster' book, thinking about our emotions and what makes us feel calm in the Forest School area. The slack line was out for the children to practise their balancing skills. We planted some seeds and some chose to create an Easter garden out of natural materials. 

Last but not least, the most fun of all seems to have been the muddy puddle splashing!!

Have a very happy Easter and enjoy nature!