Can you believe that one year ago today our brand new library was opened by the author Anne Booth?

Where has the time gone?

I do know how much of a success the Library has been and that it is loved and used by children and adults alike. As most things do, it has evolved over the year as we have discovered what works well. We have listened to the children’s’ ideas on what they would like their reading space to be like, and are trying to grant their wishes.

We have the most amazing Year 5 librarians who are learning how to run and look after it during playtimes and lunchtimes and, of course, we are very lucky to have Mrs Haynes who is our school librarian. Since the introduction of Accelerated Reader, the children are in more control of their own reading journeys, they are very much enjoying the quizzing aspect of the programme and, more importantly, the rewards they are reaping by reading books which are at the right level for them as individuals.

I have very much enjoyed being a part of bringing the library to life, and have been thrilled to see the children relaxing and appreciating ‘their’ reading space. Memories such as Year Six children snuggled with a teddy reading picture books, older children reading to younger children because they want to not because they have been asked to, are visions that have exceeded my expectations of what our library would or could  have become. The children genuinely go in there to enjoy reading and sharing books with each other!

One year on, and we have more exciting news for the children. You are all aware that Greg Stobbs was due to come and paint a mural for us; well over half term Greg came into school to create the mural and it is amazing!  

Earlier in the year, Greg worked, alongside children, to begin to create a vision of a mural that would intrigue whoever was looking at it, no matter their age. We wanted the image to generate questions and curiosity, allow the children to unlock their imaginations knowing that anything can happen when they allow themselves to and are given the opportunities to do just this.

We wanted to share the journey of the making of your mural with you all, so we recorded Greg at work. Take a look at the recording to be amazed and hopefully inspired to have a go at larger pieces of imaginative art yourselves.

Greg took it upon himself to share his experience of working in school with me, and has agreed for me to share his words with you.


I went in a while ago, and worked with pupils from all year groups. 

We drew together. They were fearless. It didn’t have to be perfect.

We talked about imagination. About where we go when reading. 

We wanted a picture that would make new stories rather than rely on, or be derivative of Stories past. 

There’s an obvious “Paint Harry Potter, or the woods, or the wild things, or Biff and Chip, or just books” road, which would have been easy but done, and done and done type in Library murals that’s what you’ll see.

The school, The Teachers, TA’s and pupils were all open to taking the unexpected road. The abstract one, which makes no sense, filled with symbolism, and beginnings, where the reading child is the giant. They wanted something they hadn’t seen before. GOOD ON THEM! 

I spent most of my time at school with my head in the clouds. .......

It’s where the best ideas are hidden.

Greg Stobbs

All that is left more me to say, is a huge thank you to Greg for the mural, sparking all of our imaginations and encouraging that ‘freedom of thoughts’ within the children. I hope that they too will discover their best ideas whilst having their heads in the clouds.

Children, I can’t wait for us all to be able to share not only the mural, but our amazing reading space together once again soon.

Take care of yourselves

Miss Allison