This afternoon, Elena from BASC spoke to children across the school about her time in rural Uganda earlier this year. Having spent some time there over the summer holiday, she wanted to share her own experiences of the children's lives and schooling.

She spoke to the children about what the schools she worked in were like: many of the classrooms did not have benches and tables with children learning how to read and write on the floor - despite this, the children still enjoyed going to school, valuing their teachers and their learning. 

The children asked Elena what the children's school lunches were like (priorities!) and she told them that the children primarily had the same thing for lunch every day: a type of white corn boiled with water with some beans added for protein. If they were lucky, they would have some sauce with this as well. For some children, this would be their main meal of the day.

Elena showed the children the 'kitchen area' where the food was prepared - one person preparing the food for over 200 children. After lunch, the children do their own washing up (we're not sure how well that went down with the children!)

Despite these challenges, Elena found that the children were always smiling. They didn't have toys but they made their own using natural materials and sugar sacks (for sack races).

In Uganda, the vast majority of children only attend school for their primary years and the foundation that Elena is supporting is looking to build a secondary school so that older children also have access to education.

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