For a Christmas present, the adults in Year 3 adopted an orangutan for the children. Since then, they have wanted to help to stop the production of unsustainable palm oil in order to save the orangutans in Borneo becoming extinct.

They began their learning journey by looking at how unsustainable palm oil is produced and what and who this affects. They found out it is not only the orangutans that are affected but humans too as the local people are paid very low wages and are also losing their homes to palm oil plantations.

As a result of the deforestation, the biodiversity of the Borneo rainforest is in terrible danger of being lost forever!

To their surprise the children discovered that there were good things about palm oil and that if it was banned all together it would mean even more of the rainforests being cut down and as a result of this even more orangutans would die.

Read the book ‘There’s a RANG-TAN in My Bedroom’ and tell your friends and family how they can help too.

Together, we can help to save the rainforests and not only orangutans but many other plants, animals and humans homes too.






Please enjoy reading our leaflets and learning interesting facts about how orangutans are in danger of becoming extinct in Borneo due to the production of unsustainable palm oil.

We have learnt many new art skills this term! To begin our journey, we looked at and produced our very own colour wheel and learnt how to mix primary and secondary colours to make tertiary colours.

Next, we chose an image of an orangutan which portrayed how they might be feeling and thought about what colours we could see on the image and used our mixing skills to create these colours.

We then, drew our orangutan thinking about how we could use different pencil grades and sketching techniques to portray shade and expression.


After that, we decided that we would like to paint on top of our drawing, but in order to be able to see our pencil work we were careful to use a ‘wash’ technique rather than a ‘heavy’ paint.

Finally, we looked at our colour wheels to find a complimentary colour for our background wash.



Our intention was to create a piece of art which showed facial expression and we have all succeeded and are very proud of our work.