Spring is here.

The children learned about the special word 'Equinox' which is on the 20th March - Equi stands for Equal and Nox stands for night, meaning that the sun crosses the equator in such a way that day and night are the same amount of time with days soon being longer. Remind your children of the special word and ask them what it means. 

We reflected on last week, using our sit sports again (for some of them in the warming sunshine). We walked around looking for signs of spring and all of the willow, fruit trees and other native trees that we planted are growing, hurray! 

We looked at the different types of bark and the children used wax crayons to create bark rubbings. Some children noticed lots of rubbish that the storm had brought into the Forest School area and they went on a litter picking hunt! Well done for looking after our environment. Our hammock came out this week, the children could paint daffodils and look for signs of spring.