The sun was shining for our trip to the woodlands at Covert Woods. 

We listened to the birds and noises around us - life can be so busy and it is very calming to stop and take in the surroundings. 

The children found interesting natural items on the forest floor and talked to their friends about the features. Most of the trees around us were beech trees. We found lots of rotten wood with holes in it which is important for insects. They blindfolded each other, led them to trees and had to use their senses to feel the trees and later on find it. Trust was needed!

We read a story about bigfoot and the children got to build dens, make beds and footprints. 

It was brilliant to see how they enjoyed engaging with the natural world and both classes could have easily spent another hour in the woodlands. Lots of children asked to come back. We certainly will.....