Georgia (Y6) had incredible success this year at Crufts, competing with her dog, Tilly, in the Agility section. Our Sports Crew interviewed her to find out all about it:

Q: How did you feel going into the Crufts Arena?

A: I got very nervous at first, but then I got excited.


Q: Was it tricky?

A: It was tricky at first but when I walked the course, I got the hang of it.


Q: Was it hard or easy learning the circuit?

A: It was easy learning it but then when I was walking it I had to remember which way to go without following everyone in front of me.


Q: Did the other dogs get along with Tilly?

A: She got scared of the bigger dogs like Saint Bernards, but she got the hang of it eventually.


Q: Where in the country did it take place?

A: At the NFC in Birmingham.


Q: What did you do in the spare time when  you were not competing?

A: I went shopping, and I got her out of her crate and played with her.

This is an amazing achievement and, since the interview, Georgia has found out that she has gained a place to compete next year. Well done, Georgia, you should be proud of yourself!