In Design Technology this term, Year 6 have been commissioned by a well know online department store to design a chair. Pupils have chosen their target customer and have considered the most important elements of a chair design.  Both classes decided strength and being able to hold a person’s weight (in this case it’s Action Man) was top of the list.

Both classes explored strong shapes in structures and architecture; they discovered that both triangles (the truss) and cylinders (columns) are very strong. We looked at the work of British architects David Adjaye, Norman Foster and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. All of which have designed both buildings and furniture.

Over the last two weeks, Year 6 have been designing their chairs and making prototypes. They will be exploring joining techniques next week before making their final chairs out of materials such as lolly sticks, wooden dowels, card and fabric.

You will find examples of the pupils’ initial designs and their prototypes in the gallery below.