Year 5 TWISTED tales

Image of Year 5 TWISTED tales

Last term, Year 5 enjoyed looking at Twisted Fairy tales. The children looked at a traditional tale and then wrote their own tale adding their own twist to it. The focus of learning was on building suspense and fear through the use of figurative language and leaving the story with a moral for the…

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Year R - joining materials

Image of Year R - joining materials

Throughout term 3, Year R practised joining materials together. The children have created large-scale collaged pictures inspired by fairy tales; made their own glue from flour and water; created lollipops and wands; learnt how to use tabs and PVA glue; practised wrapping pipe cleaners; used hole…

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Call Me Gorgeous - Year 1

Image of Call Me Gorgeous - Year 1

Throughout term 3, Year 1 children worked towards the completion of their ‘Call Me Gorgeous’ collages inspired by the book by Giles and Alexandra Milton. The artworks consist of a backgroundmidground and foreground.


The backgrounds depict a starry night. The children looked at…

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Figures in motion - Year 6

Image of Figures in motion - Year 6

In term 3, Year 6 designed and made sculptures depicting the human figure in motion. To begin the project, pupils explored the proportions of the human figure and drew from wooden mannequins. They then attempted to sketch from movement on film (sporting imagery).


As a class, we studied the…

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Architecture Workshop - Year 6

Image of Architecture Workshop - Year 6

A massive thank you to Vicky Kirk, a director of Studio Partington (an award-winning London architect practice), who visited our school this week to run an Architecture workshop for ten Year 6 pupils. Vicky introduced the diverse role of an architect and talked about the variety of buildings,…

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Living with Art - The Beaney

Image of Living with Art - The Beaney

Year 5 gave a warm welcome to Murray from the Canterbury Beaney this week; he came to introduce their upcoming art exhibition, Living with Art: An extraordinary collection from an ordinary home.


Along with other local schools, we have been invited to contribute to the exhibition –…

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Year R join materials

Image of Year R join materials

Year R use PVA glue!


Over the last two weeks, children in Year R have been given the choice of making either a magic wand or an ice lolly from a range of art materials. Some attempted to draw out shapes using a stencil but all cut out their own star or lolly from card. They attached a…

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Moon Buggies

Image of Moon Buggies

Year 5 have completed their Moon Buggy toys for children aged 9-10 years old.


Product specification were as follows:


  • It must move using an elastic band ‘pull back’ mechanism
  • Have 4 wheel and 2 axels
  • The dimensions must not exceed an A4 piece of paper
  • Be strong and robust…
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Egyptian necklaces - Year 3

Image of Egyptian necklaces - Year 3

The Year three topic this term was Ancient Egypt. Within Design Technology, pupils designed and made necklaces inspired by Ancient Egyptian art and jewellery. This was a DT textiles project and the main feature on each necklace is a rectangular shaped piece of weaving. Pupils also explored making…

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DT- Year 6 chairs

Image of DT- Year 6 chairs

Year 6 chairs are here! Order now!


Throughout this project, Year 6 have: learnt about strong shapes and forces; explored materials, techniques, joins and structures; made initial designs inspired by influential designers; made prototypes and modified designs as appropriate; skilfully made…

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Super Hero moving pictures - Year one

Image of Super Hero moving pictures - Year one

This week, Year one completed their DT Super Hero Moving Pictures!


Within the project the children: explored who can be a super hero and they have designed and drawn their own; explored and made slider and lever mechanisms; designed and made their own backgrounds using geometric shape…

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Year R Write Dance

Image of Year R Write Dance

Within Year R’s last two Write Dance lessons of the term, the topics discussed were rainbows and trains!


The children danced to routines that encouraged them to use their shoulders and arms; twist their core; stretch their arms out wide and practise using both arms simultaneously. They

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