Self portraits - Year R

Over the last two weeks, Year R pupils have been given the opportunity to draw a self-portrait. This task was designed to help the children express themselves and build their own identity. Observing themselves in the mirror, pupils decided where to place their facial features on their drawing and…

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Autumn leaves - Year 1

Over the last two weeks, Year 1 have been creating autumn leaves from their marking-making paintings. Pupils neatly drew around leaf templates with HB pencil and then carefully cut out the shape - practising cutting skills. They attached a piece of wire to the back of their leaf with sticky tape,…

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Year 1 mark-making

In Art, pupils in Year one have been exploring mark-making but not with traditional tools! As a class, we looked at marks and lines made with unusual household objects and discussed what they reminded us of – the texture of crocodile skin, grass, fur, bricks etc.

Pupils were encouraged to mix…

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Yr R - drawing, observation and creepy crawlies.

Year R had their first Art lesson today! The children explored my collection of insects (in resin) and peacock feathers. To start the lesson, pupils looked closely at the creepy crawlies and discussed them. How many legs do the insects have? Which have wings? Can you see their eyes?


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Clockwork illustrations - Year 5

Within their English lessons this term, Year 5 have been describing the characters Karl and Fritz from the book ‘Clockwork’ by Philip Pullman. To support their writing, pupils have been using these descriptions to inspire drawings of the characters in their Art lessons.

As a class, we looked…

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Year R - observational paintings of plants

Within Art this year, Year R have been practising their drawing and making skills; they have explored a broad range of art media and tools and have been developing their fine motor skills. Pupils have also been working on their observational skills.

It is important that young children begin to…

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Art club. Cupcakes. Drawing. Music.

This week, Art Club have been drawing cupcakes with colour pencils. Pupils had real cupcakes and photos to draw from and use as inspiration. They concentrated on creating form, using different tones and the layering of colours (no black). We had some relaxing music in the background - a lovely way…

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Year 5 Art Workshop - Creative Folkestone

Thank you Creative Folkestone, for running an Art workshop for a group of Year 5 pupils this week.

It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to work with two local artists, Tania and Nicole, who planned and delivered a project that involved the creation of stories through stamp making,…

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Forest school - Photography

This week in forest school, Year 6 pupils made cyanotype prints (sometimes known as sun prints). Cyanotype is a photographic process that produces dark-blue prints. The light sensitive chemicals used react slowly to UV light.

Once handed the freshly painted paper, pupils carefully laid leaves…

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Year 2 - The Sea

During term 5, Mrs Dennett, Mr Miles and I embarked on a journey of salty water and wild waves with Year 2. Yes! An Art, English and Music project! We began by exploring the work of artist J. M. W. Turner who painted many seascapes and (allegedly) strapped himself to the mast of a sailing ship to…

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Year 6 forest school (plus art)

Welcome to Forest School Year 6.

We had a chat about what Forest School means and a look around our nature area. The children started off with tree identification and finding out what grows on site. 

The activity choices included making a raft out of sticks and string and making it float,…

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5JS - Observational drawing of skulls

This week, it was 5JS's turn to create ‘moody’ drawings using dramatic lighting and tone. We explored Chiaroscuro (kee·aa·ruh·skyuor·row), an Italian term which means light and dark and refers to the high contrast light/dark style used in Renaissance painting.

After some warmup exercises…

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