Peacock hats - Year 2

Image of Peacock hats - Year 2

You may have already seen some spectacular peacocks strutting proudly home! Where have they come from?


Well, to celebrate their topic of Indonesia this term, Year 2 pupils have been practising the traditional Peacock Dance within their PE lessons with Laura. The only thing missing was the…

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Year 1 ceramic necklaces

Image of Year 1 ceramic necklaces

Year 1 have recently finished a ceramic project; their task was to make beads and thread them into a necklace for a friend or family member.


The children used inspiration from ceramic artist Kate Malone and a Faversham based ceramic artist, Rose Dickinson. Both use the theme of nature in…

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Year 2 observational drawing - peacock feathers

Image of Year 2 observational drawing - peacock feathers

Year 2 observational drawing of peacock feathers


I just love these! Year 2 have been practising their observational skills this term by drawing peacock feathers. As a class, we explored the feel of the feathers and discussed the colours that can been seen within them. We looked at shapes…

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Year R imaginary gardens......paper construction

Image of Year R imaginary gardens......paper construction

Year R continue to practise joining materials within their art lessons. Over the last two weeks, I have been shrinking each child to the size of an insect! Whilst small, the children have been imagining the exploration of strange and colourful gardens. They have considered space, shape and…

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UCA/Bridge collaboration - exhibition open!

Image of UCA/Bridge collaboration - exhibition open!

Dream Dwellings’ (Dream House) project exhibition.


Fourteen children from Years 4, 5 and 6  recently took part in an architecture project in collaboration with UCA (University for the Creative Arts) MA students. All of the work from the project is now exhibited in our welcome…

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Dream Dwellings Project - collaboration with UCA

Image of Dream Dwellings Project - collaboration with UCA

UCA and Bridge school collaboration – ‘Dream Dwellings’ architecture project


Fourteen pupils from year 4, 5 and 6 have had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with a group of MA Architecture students from UCA (University for the Creative Arts) in Canterbury.


Before the Easter…

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Creative Folkestone - Year 5 banner

Image of Creative Folkestone - Year 5 banner

Thank you, Creative Folkestone, for inviting us to an art workshop last week.


Fifteen Year 5 pupils were given the opportunity to work with two local artists, Tania and Emily, to make a banner celebrating our school. After some initial brain-storming of ideas, Tania and Emily used the…

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Year R papier-mâché bowls

Image of Year R papier-mâché bowls

Year R pupils are practising joining materials this term. Over the last two week, pupils have been making papier-mâché bowls within their art lessons (joining paper).


They began by making their own paste (glue) using 1 part flour and 2 parts water. They each measured out cups of the…

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Sky Arts Portrait Competition Success!

Image of Sky Arts Portrait Competition Success!

Last term, pupils in year 5 studied self-portraiture within their art lessons. Thirteen pupils also attended an after-school club and entered the SkyArts school portrait competition. Two of our amazing TAs, Mrs Shirley and Mrs Holdaway, kindly sat for us while the children painted their portraits…

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Dancing birds!

Image of Dancing birds!

Last term, Pupils in Year 6 explored electrical circuits within their science and DT lessons. Within DT, the majority of pupils designed and made dolls houses with lights and sounds; a small group made dancing toy birds.


With a flick of a switch, the birds dance, vibrate and spin around.…

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William Morris printing - Year 2

Image of William Morris printing - Year 2

Year 2 have been exploring relief printing and have created their own repeat patterns inspired the work of William Morris. Pupils have used their observational skills to draw from photographs of British wildlife and leaves. The drawings were then used when designing and making their own printing…

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Beowulf - Year 5

Image of Beowulf - Year 5

Last term, Year 5 were studying the story of Beowulf within their English lessons. Drawing upon their descriptions of the monster in their writing, pupils designed and constructed Grendel’s severed head from clay.

Beware, these sculptures are grotesque and incredibly scary!

We began the…

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