Year 2 - The Sea

During term 5, Mrs Dennett, Mr Miles and I embarked on a journey of salty water and wild waves with Year 2. Yes! An Art, English and Music project! We began by exploring the work of artist J. M. W. Turner who painted many seascapes and (allegedly) strapped himself to the mast of a sailing ship to…

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Year R - Week 4 Art and music

Within our Reception Art and Music project this week, the children responded to four contrasting pieces of music.

To begin the lesson, pupils moved their bodies and danced to all four pieces of music. As a class, we discussed how the music made them feel and how their movements changed to…

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Week 3 - Yr R Music and Art

It’s week 3 of our Music and Art project – Mrs Brookes led a music lesson using the children’s homemade instruments and drawing upon previous learning. To warm up, the children marched like dinosaurs and moved to a steady beat.

Pupils then tapped, shook and scraped their instruments; each of…

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Year R - Music and Art

Art and Music have been collaborating within Year R lessons this term. Reception pupils have been exploring musical instruments to tap, shake and scrape. Last week pupils made their own musical instruments with Mrs Smith and decorated them using inspiration from shapes found within Henri Matisse’s…

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Art and Music collaboration with CoMA Manchester

If you have been following our blogs, you know all about our Art and Music project with Year 3. If not, here is a recap:

In term 5, Year 3 pupils worked with Mr Miles and Mrs Smith to compose and interpret their own graphic scores. Graphic notation (or graphic score) is the representation of…

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Year 3 Art and Music project

This week, within his music lesson, Mr Miles worked with 3SA to interpret their artwork (graphic scores) into music. Graphic notation (or graphic score) is the representation of music using visual symbols. Pupils worked in groups and used percussion instruments to interpret a section of each of…

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Yr 3 Art and Music - graphic notation

This week, within his music lesson, Mr Miles worked with 3HA and explored music inspired by the symbolism and storytelling of traditional aboriginal painting. These ideas will help the pupils when creating their graphic scores next week in art.

Meanwhile, I worked with 3SA to compose their…

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Year 3 music and art

Our Art and Music project continues. Mr Miles worked with 3SA this week; they explored the interpretation of shapes and lines into music using percussion instruments.

Meanwhile, in art, I worked with 3HA. Pupils interpreted music through art, creating concertina sketchbooks. They listened to a…

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Year 3 Music and Art

Year 3 pupils in 3SA have been interpreting music through art - creating a ‘visual experience’. After exploring colour and emotion in their previous art lesson, this week the pupils listened to a selection of music and used colour and line to describe the feeling it evoked. They worked very…

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Drum Beat Challenge from Mr Miles

Mr Miles has created a music challenge based upon his own secret desire to be a drummer (don't worry parents - your pots and pans are safe!). Watch the video below and we'd love to see what you come up with!

Perhaps inspired by Mr Miles' music challenge Melita has produced a…

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Music fun!

On Tuesday we were very lucky to have Stanley’s dad with his acoustic guitar. We loved listening to pop, rock and rock and roll music that we have been learning about in music lessons with Mrs Brooks. We had a great time!

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