Welcome to Forest School Year 6.

We had a chat about what Forest School means and a look around our nature area. The children started off with tree identification and finding out what grows on site. 

The activity choices included making a raft out of sticks and string and making it float, using the mud kitchen, building with natural materials, using secateurs and Elder branches (which are very soft in the middle) and being creative - making necklaces, bracelets, mobiles, pens, paintbrushes and even a puppet - as well as digging, natural paint making and bug hunting. We were lucky to have Mrs Smith joining us for one morning as well.

Art and forest school

Throughout term 6, we will be planning some outdoor art activities for forest school. This week, the children were making their own paint using natural pigments - powdered turmeric, paprika, charcoal and chalk. The pigments were mixed with honey (to bind) and enough water to make the desired consistency. Using inspiration from African and aboriginal patterns, pupils decorated wooden pallets with their paint.

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