Year 1 have recently finished a ceramic project; their task was to make beads and thread them into a necklace for a friend or family member.


The children used inspiration from ceramic artist Kate Malone and a Faversham based ceramic artist, Rose Dickinson. Both use the theme of nature in their work.


Within the project, pupils: explored ways of recording texture; learnt about clay and how to manipulate it; made impressions of natural forms in clay; formed their own ceramic beads; mixed secondary colours to paint their beads; designed their necklaces and threaded their beads and then evaluated the final outcome. A great project for practising fine motor skills and improving dexterity; we even squeezed in some fractions when the children divided their clay.


If you are very lucky, you may have been given one of these lovely necklaces already! Maybe you are wearing it now?


This was a really fun project. Please view our gallery below: