In English this term, Year 6 have been exploring Norse Mythology, in particular looking at the goddess Freya and Thor the god of thunder. Pupils have learnt how to punctuate dialogue accurately in order to help add quotes to newspaper reports as well as writing their own Viking myths. 

To complement Mrs Allen’s English work, pupils have been depicting the Norse Gods within their art project. They have been inspired by the fabulous illustrations of Jeffery Alan Love, who illustrated ‘Norse Myths: Tales of Odin, Thor and Loki’.

Pupils have used a range of art-media including watercolour paint, Indian ink and acrylic pen. Pupils in school even did some letterpress block printing.

Well done to everyone who has taken part in the project. The work looks amazing!

Many thanks to Miss Sopp and Mrs Coral for helping to teach the project in school.

Some exciting news! Illustrator, Jeffery Alan Love, has seen the work on this blog! His comments are below:

Hello everyone,

What wonderful work! I'm incredibly flattered that my work has inspired the students, and I'll be sure to pass along the link to Kevin Crossley-Holland to have a look too. Thank you for sharing it with me. I hope you and your students have a healthy and safe 2021.