Within Art this term, Year 5 pupils designed and created mixed media artworks depicting powerful Greek Gods and Goddesses. As a class, we started the project by discussing the work of illustrator Jeffery Alan Love and Ancient Greek pottery and sculpture depicting the Gods. Pupils then drew their own God from images sourced on the internet - this was the beginning of the design process.

The children prepared different backgrounds with ink and watercolour paint; they printed their Gods using cardboard shapes; added details with colour pencils and white pens and printed text onto their work (making it very graphical).

The children made up to 3 versions of their artwork. This gave them an opportunity to: experiment with composition and art media; master techniques; make mistakes (mistakes are okay and part of learning) and for their designs to change and evolve.

This project was very challenging! Year 5 pupils demonstrated their ability to follow instructions and work independently. I am very impressed!

A big thank you to Mrs Saunders who delivered the project to 5HA and the wonderful Year 5 TAs.

Please check out the gallery below: