Year R pupils have been practising their gross motor skills again this week and giving the school windows a quick wash at the same time! Inspired by our desire for sparkling windows, the children have been making zigzags, circles, up, down and crossing motions using both sides of their bodies.


In the classroom, we practised a short dance to ‘when I'm cleaning windows’ by George Formby. The routine started with the children drawing zigzag patterns in the air. Then imagining they had sponges, they created circular movements with both arms simultaneously before using their imaginary squeegees in a crossing motion. The movements were large, using the entire upper body, working their shoulders, core and arms.


In groups, the children took part in a carousel of activities – outside drawing (with both hands) on the windows with bubbly water using paint brushes, sponges and squeegees (cleaning the windows) and inside creating shapes and marks on paper in crayon and paint.


Gross motor skills are those using the children's whole bodies. Practising specific movements strengthens muscles and helps children to become increasingly confident, agile and flexible. These skills are essential and must be obtained before going on to develop fine motor skills and learning to write and draw.


It was great fun. Please view our gallery below: