Have you ever watched the Masked Singer or The Masked Dancer on the Tv? If you have, you may have marvelled at the masks that the contestants wear. Year 4 were challenged to imagine that they were going to be on this show. They had to explore, research, design, make and evaluate a mask. They had to consider the materials, the fit (it had to cover their face and they also needed to be able to see!) and how they were going to make it. 

Year 4s were also able to link the use of masks to the Mayan topic in term 2 as they discovered that the Mayans used masks for celebrations, war and in death.

Year 4 all worked very hard to complete all of the aspects of this project and deliver it on time and as they say in the real world 'in budget'! they will soon be able to rival the real company who make the masks and costumes!

We hope that you enjoy some of the masks in our gallery.