Crafting in the Art loft

On Thursday 16th March a group of Year 4s were lucky enough to go to The Duke of York’s Royal Military School, Near Dover to take part in an Art and craft workshop. We were met by Lily, a student who is completing her Gold Art Award and Head of Art Mrs Keeler. We were taken to their large, light…

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Masked Year 4s

Image of Masked Year 4s

Have you ever watched the Masked Singer or The Masked Dancer on the Tv? If you have, you may have marvelled at the masks that the contestants wear. Year 4 were challenged to imagine that they were going to be on this show. They had to explore, research, design, make and evaluate a mask. They had…

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Bridge at the Beaney

Image of Bridge at the Beaney

Last week, Year 4s had an excellent trip to Canterbury. First, we went to the Beaney Museum and Gallery. Murray and Charlotte were the fantastic guides who showed us around the portrait exhibition and the Mirror Mirror exhibition. They explained the use of imagery in painting as well as the use of…

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Visit from Architect - Mr Town

Image of Visit from Architect - Mr Town

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Mr Town (parent) from OSG Architecture. We were fascinated to see so many different styles of buildings and to hear about some of the things that Architects do and have to think about. Some Year 4s were delighted to find out that by playing Mine Craft you can…

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An introduction to architecture

Image of An introduction to architecture

In Term1 Year 4 had a chance to consider not only the local architecture of Bridge during a geography field trip but also some of the buildings around the world designed by some famous architects. For example Zaha Hadid, Augustus Pugin and Sir Norman Foster. We then did our own observational…

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The Ironman 2022

Image of The Ironman 2022

Year4 had a great time in Term1 studying the book ‘The Ironman’ by Ted Hughes. In Art we looked at the work of illustrator Chris Mould. We used his work as inspiration for our own Ironman illustrations. The children layered their watercolours with wax rubbings and pen and ink. They…

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Simon Langton Girls Art workshops collaboration

Image of Simon Langton Girls Art workshops collaboration

Last week Years 3 and 4 were treated to some art workshops led by students from the Simon Langton Girls School who are working towards their own accredited Arts Award. We are working hard at Bridge to collaborate with other schools and artists to broaden our own experiences in the Arts.

The SLG…

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Self Portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo

Image of Self Portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo

During Term 5, Year 4 put a lot of effort into their self-portraits.

They have looked closely at the proportions of the face and used mirrors to examine their own faces. Did you know that the width of your face is equal to the width of 5 eyes? They have practised drawing their own features and…

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Ceramic tiles

Image of Ceramic tiles

Year 3 have had a wonderful time making flower relief tiles from clay. They investigated relief art forms and designed their tiles using their knowledge about the parts and functions of a plant from their science lessons. They used many skills such as rolling, shaping, smoothing and attaching 2…

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Infant Agility Competition - Year 2

Image of Infant Agility Competition - Year 2

On Tuesday 1st February, 10 children from Year 2 competed in the Infant Agility competition at Canterbury Academy. The children were an absolute delight to take out and performed really well, finishing 6th overall in the competition. Here are some quotes from the children:

"The best day of Year…

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Investigating teeth

Image of Investigating teeth

Our science this term is learning about” Humans and other animals” so our first lesson was about teeth. We had to bite into an apple and notice how we ate it and which teeth we used first. Then we used mirrors to explore our own teeth. It was fascinating to learn about carnivores, herbivore and…

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Mayan Day

Image of Mayan Day

Thank you to everyone in year 4 for participating so enthusiastically in our Mayan Day. The outfits were brilliant. We all enjoyed being explorers and discovering new things about the Maya. We learnt about a few of the many gods including the sun god and the maize god and why they were so…

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