On Tuesday 23rd January Year 2s were very excited to welcome Michael (the man from Creepy Claws ) and a selection of his animals into school. He brought with him; Ronnie the chinchilla, Louise the gecko, Rose the tarantula, Cleopatra the python, Spike the scorpion, a giant millipede called Milly and a werewolf guinea pig called Spud. Michael was very knowledgeable and told us lots of information about his animals and the children had lots of interesting questions to ask him:

Did you know that tarantulas raise their forefront legs as an attack pose, but they are actually very gentle creatures and they only do this in self-defence?

Did you know that a scorpion will glow when under an ultra violet light?

This was a fantastic experience to support our English non-chronological report on looking after an animal and our Science topic– Animals including humans.

We hope that you enjoy looking at our photos.

Creepy Claws 2024