Year R Train Drivers

Image of Year R Train Drivers

Within art this week, Year R children had great fun impersonating train drivers, steering an imaginary steam train and avoiding obstacles on the tracks. Approximately half the class told me that they had driven a real train before so I knew we were all in safe hands!!!


After a short chat…

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Year R loop the loop!

Image of Year R loop the loop!

Year R continue to practise their gross motor skills and build their core muscles. During our art lesson this week, we concentrated on making loops and circular movements using whole arms, shoulders and generally moving the whole body.


After a short warm-up, we practised our moves within…

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Sea dance - Year R

Image of Sea dance - Year R

To practise their gross motor skills this week, Year R pupils have been swimming through an imaginary sea!


To begin, we had a gentle swim in the tranquil sea. We practised our front stroke, back stroke and breast stroke to ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’. Very relaxing. When the imaginary…

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Year R cleaning windows!

Image of Year R cleaning windows!

Year R pupils have been practising their gross motor skills again this week and giving the school windows a quick wash at the same time! Inspired by our desire for sparkling windows, the children have been making zigzags, circles, up, down and crossing motions using both sides of their bodies.

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Throwing shapes on the dance floor - Year R

Image of Throwing shapes on the dance floor - Year R

Year R pupils have been practising their gross motor skills this week. Inspired by happiness and bubbles, we concentrated on making large round shapes using both arms.


Starting in the classroom, we practised a short dance which involved creating imaginary bubbles (circular movements with…

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Yew Tree Farm - Nativity Trip!

On Monday 5th and Thursday 8th December, Reception were lucky enough to visit Yew Tree Farm to experience their version of the Nativity story! We walked around the farm to meet the larger animals, helping the farmers to retell the Nativity and to feed the animals. We also had the opportunity to…

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Year R colour-wheels

Image of Year R colour-wheels

Year R colour-wheels


Year R having been learning some colour theory this term. Pupils have been learning all about primary colours and how to mix secondary colours while making their own colour wheels. The children have worked independently, followed instructions, practised paintbrush…

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Weaving - Year R

Image of Weaving - Year R

Within their art lessons this term, Year R have been weaving with paper, wool and fabric. They have each created small individual woven pieces and have also had the opportunity to weave together on a larger scale with fabric and ribbon through wooden pallets.


This fiddly weaving task has…

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Year R draw fruit and veg

Image of Year R draw fruit and veg

At the end of term 1, Year R children all had the opportunity to practise their observational skills and draw from fruit and vegetables. As a class, we discussed how and where fruit and vegetables are grown and what the seeds are for. We also looked carefully at their shape, form, colours and…

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Pumpkin Soup!

Image of Pumpkin Soup!

Last term, Reception were busy learning about autumn and harvest time. We looked at seasonal changes, performed songs at Harvest Festival, and used autumnal natural objects and vegetables in role play, art and maths. Two of the stories we learned were “The Gigantic Turnip” and “Pumpkin Soup”. We…

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Self portraits - Year R

Image of Self portraits - Year R

Over the last two weeks, Year R pupils have been given the opportunity to draw a self-portrait. This task was designed to help the children express themselves and build their own identity. Observing themselves in the mirror, pupils decided where to place their facial features on their drawing and…

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Yr R - drawing, observation and creepy crawlies.

Image of Yr R - drawing, observation and creepy crawlies.

Year R had their first Art lesson today! The children explored my collection of insects (in resin) and peacock feathers. To start the lesson, pupils looked closely at the creepy crawlies and discussed them. How many legs do the insects have? Which have wings? Can you see their eyes?


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