Year R storytelling

Image of Year R storytelling

The last Year R art lesson of the term – storytelling. Using baskets of plastic animals and a ‘luck dip’ bag of playmobil characters for inspiration, Year R created their own stories on rolls of paper with wax crayons.

This activity encourages the children to use their amazing imaginations; it…

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Insect Gardens - Year R

Image of Insect Gardens - Year R

Over the last two weeks, Year R have continued to explore joining materials; they have considered space, shape, three-dimensional form and have been manipulating and sculpting with paper.


The children designed and made their own insect garden/playground; this links to the Year R term topic…

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Clay modelling - Year R

Image of Clay modelling - Year R

Over the last two weeks, Year R have been learning how to model animals with clay. As a class, we began by discussing sculpture and three-dimensional art. The children then began to explore the clay with their hands; they squeezed the clay; rolled it into balls and then cylinders. They were shown…

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Wheels and axles - Year R!

Image of Wheels and axles - Year R!

Over the last two weeks, the children in Year R have been making their own vehicles from card. With the help of a drawn template and step by step instructions, they have been able to make their own cars that can be pushed along and include wheels and axles. Year R have used tools such as scissors…

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Year R - joining materials 2

Image of Year R - joining materials 2

Throughout term 3, Year R practised joining materials together. The children have created large-scale collaged pictures inspired by fairy tales; made their own glue from flour and water; created lollipops and wands; learnt how to use tabs and PVA glue; practised wrapping pipe cleaners; used hole…

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Year R join materials

Image of Year R join materials

Year R use PVA glue!


Over the last two weeks, children in Year R have been given the choice of making either a magic wand or an ice lolly from a range of art materials. Some attempted to draw out shapes using a stencil but all cut out their own star or lolly from card. They attached a…

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Year R Write Dance

Image of Year R Write Dance

Within Year R’s last two Write Dance lessons of the term, the topics discussed were rainbows and trains!


The children danced to routines that encouraged them to use their shoulders and arms; twist their core; stretch their arms out wide and practise using both arms simultaneously. They

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Write Dance - The Sea

Image of Write Dance - The Sea

To practise their gross motor skills this week, Year R pupils have been swimming through an imaginary sea!


To begin, we had a gentle swim in the tranquil sea. We practised our front stroke, back stroke and breast stroke to ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’. Very relaxing. When the imaginary…

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Year R Write Dance

Image of Year R Write Dance

Year R have begun practising and developing their gross motor skills within their art lessons. The children will now be taking part in weekly Write Dance and art activities aimed to strengthen muscle groups and improve the children’s agility.


Within our first Write Dance session, we…

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Year R - All About Me

Image of Year R - All About Me

As part of their ‘All About Me’ project, Year R have been painting self-portraits. A great opportunity for the children to explore their own faces through observation of their mirror image and through touch. They initially used paint as a background, matching skin, hair and eye colours. Once dry,…

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Year R sewing - fine motor skills!

Image of Year R sewing - fine motor skills!

Throughout the academic year, pupils in Year R have been working hard to develop and strengthen their gross and fine motor skills. Our journey began in September with the children making large whole-body movements through play, exploring activities and in Write Dance lessons. Children gradually…

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Animal prints and texture - Year R

Image of Animal prints and texture - Year R

This term, Year R pupils have been using two of their five senses to explore texture. We began by discussing what texture is and their knowledge and experience of it. We explored visual (implied) texture by looking at photographs of animal skins and fur and imaging how they would feel. We also…

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