Year R - Week 4 Art and music

Image of Year R - Week 4 Art and music

Within our Reception Art and Music project this week, the children responded to four contrasting pieces of music.

To begin the lesson, pupils moved their bodies and danced to all four pieces of music. As a class, we discussed how the music made them feel and how their movements changed to…

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Week 3 - Yr R Music and Art

Image of Week 3 - Yr R Music and Art

It’s week 3 of our Music and Art project – Mrs Brookes led a music lesson using the children’s homemade instruments and drawing upon previous learning. To warm up, the children marched like dinosaurs and moved to a steady beat.

Pupils then tapped, shook and scraped their instruments; each of…

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Year R - Music and Art

Image of Year R - Music and Art

Art and Music have been collaborating within Year R lessons this term. Reception pupils have been exploring musical instruments to tap, shake and scrape. Last week pupils made their own musical instruments with Mrs Smith and decorated them using inspiration from shapes found within Henri Matisse’s…

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Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Image of Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

This week Year R opened their own pizza restaurant. Pupils took on the role of chef and practised their (scissor) cutting skills when making a tasty looking selection of pizzas - unfortunately inedible. They had a selection of paper ingredients to choose from – tomato sauce, pepperoni, green…

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Forest School Year R 8.2.2022

Image of Forest School Year R 8.2.2022

The sun was shining for us again and we had a very exciting week of Valentine's activities and cooking in Forest School. 

The children helped to make a fire, they prepared apples, oranges, they added apple juice, cinnamon sticks and star anise to make mulled apple juice. 

The brand new…

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Year R Forest School 19.1.2022

Image of Year R Forest School 19.1.2022

Year R had fantastic Forest School sessions this week. It was all about Mini Beasts and habitats. We collected materials to build a bug hotel- maybe we will call it ‘Bug-ingham Palace’! The children even made a bug play ground. 
We sang our insect song to help them remember the features of an…

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Forest School 11.1.2022

Image of Forest School 11.1.2022

Wet and cold winter? No problem. We use the mud to have fun. What a busy day at Forest School. Some of the activities on offer this week were 

- making mud faces on trees 

- throwing mud balls at the big Ash tree

- caterpillar game where children have to work as a team

- insect…

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Forest School Year R 4.1.2022

Image of Forest School Year R 4.1.2022

This week was all about birds. We read the book 'Owl Babies' and the children could act out the story with the puppets. In pairs, the children made bird feeders out of apples, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and they hung them up in the Forest School area in order to help the birds through the winter…

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Fireworks - Year R

Image of Fireworks - Year R

To celebrate Guy Fawkes night, Year R created drawings of fireworks with chalk pastels. This is a very creative art medium. Pupils smudged the bright coloured pastels with their fingers, moved them around the page and made a bit of a mess! They had photographs of fireworks around them and a video…

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Yr R mark-making

Image of Yr R mark-making

Over the last three weeks, Year R have been experimenting with mark-making. They have been dipping objects and tools into poster paint and moving them around their A3 page to make a variety of marks on their paper. They have also been mixing primary colours in their paint trays to make secondary…

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Year R weaving

Image of Year R weaving

Over the last two weeks, pupils in year R have been weaving. They have weaved on both small individual weaving cards and large-scale weaving through boxes, fences, and pallets. It is a great way to create funky art and it provides opportunities for children to strengthen their gross motor control,…

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