Forest School Year 1 Term 4 2023

Image of Forest School Year 1 Term 4 2023

Term 4 started with 'Happy pancake day'! 

Children made a fire and they are brilliant by now at remembering the rules. They had to mix the batter - 1 grated apple, 1 cup oat milk, 2 cups flour, they had to spoon it in the pan, flip it and then ENJOY the campfire pancake. Some children tried…

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Forest School Term 3 Year R

Image of Forest School Term 3 Year R

FE FI FO FUM who likes to have fun? 

Forest School had some fairy tale inspirations this term. We read Goldilocks, made binoculars to go on an animal hunt, explored small animal world play and climbed the ladder. The weather was icy - and who needs more than a natural playground (as long as you…

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Storm Whales collages - Year 1

Image of Storm Whales collages - Year 1

Throughout the term, Year 1 pupils have been working towards the completion of their Storm Whale collages, inspired by Benji Davies' book, The Storm Whale. Pupils have created a background, midground and foreground for their artwork. Their backgrounds depict a stormy sea using oil pastels and…

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Year 1 ice fun December 2022

Image of Year 1 ice fun December 2022

Cold but exciting times! 

The Year 1 children got to experience an afternoon outside in the icy conditions - we spotted some exciting footprints in the snow and they guessed which animals they were from. We had squirrels and different birds visiting and the children left food for them to help…

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Year One Christmas cards - DT

Image of Year One Christmas cards - DT

In DT last term, Year 1 made moving Christmas cards. During their morning work with class teachers, pupils worked independently to explore and practise making  simple mechanisms - levers and sliders - that enable parts of their cards to move! A lever pivots around a split pin and can partially…

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Stormy seas - Year 1

Image of Stormy seas - Year 1

Before Christmas, Year one watched a performance of The Storm Whale and The Storm Whale in Winter at The Marlowe Theatre. This term, they are reading the book The Storm Whale as part of their class project.


Throughout the term in art, pupils will be creating collage pictures inspired by…

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Forest School Year R

Image of Forest School Year R

Welcome to Forest School Year R. 

We have been welcomed by Autumn weather - sunshine, rain, frost and wind.

We walked around the Forest School area and learned the first rules:

Walking around the fire circle  - our safe word is 'lollipop' to remind them to walk around in preparation for a…

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Year 1 Forest School Autumn Term 1

Image of Year 1 Forest School Autumn Term 1

Welcome back to Forest School Year 1. 

We started off looking closely at what has changed/is growing in the Forest School area by using Queen silhouettes, focusing on a small area (and remembering the Queen). 

This term the children explored conkers, learning the name 'Horse Chestnut tree',…

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Year R - observational paintings of plants

Image of Year R - observational paintings of plants

Within Art this year, Year R have been practising their drawing and making skills; they have explored a broad range of art media and tools and have been developing their fine motor skills. Pupils have also been working on their observational skills.

It is important that young children begin to…

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Observational Drawing of Playmobil - Year R

Image of Observational Drawing of Playmobil - Year R

Last week, Year R practised their observational skills when drawing from Playmobil people. They were asked to look carefully at the object as they drew and to think about breaking their drawing into larger shapes as a starting point (circles, rectangles, triangles etc). They learnt about how to…

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Year R insects

Image of Year R insects

As part of the Year R ‘insect’ topic, pupils have been making their own small creatures from cardboard. Their starting point was an oval cardboard base with two holes. They decorated them with colour pencils and felt tip pens; cut out and attached paper wings; made extra holes with a hole punch…

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Imaginary worlds - Year R

Image of Imaginary worlds - Year R

Inspired by the British sculptor Philip King, Year R pupils have been making their own mini sculptures using paper. I asked the children to imagine that were tiny and able to walk through their sculptures - imaginary worlds in miniature. This allowed the pupils to consider scale, form and space.…

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