Forest school - Photography

Image of Forest school - Photography

This week in forest school, Year 6 pupils made cyanotype prints (sometimes known as sun prints). Cyanotype is a photographic process that produces dark-blue prints. The light sensitive chemicals used react slowly to UV light.

Once handed the freshly painted paper, pupils carefully laid leaves…

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Year 6 forest school (plus art)

Image of Year 6 forest school (plus art)

Welcome to Forest School Year 6.

We had a chat about what Forest School means and a look around our nature area. The children started off with tree identification and finding out what grows on site. 

The activity choices included making a raft out of sticks and string and making it float,…

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5HA and 2GD Reading Prize

Image of 5HA and 2GD Reading Prize

Each term, the whole school takes part in a reading competition to see which class reads the most time during the term. The winners for last term were lucky enough to have : ex members of staff and parents ( all who have a love for reading and writing) come in and share a morning with the…

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Year 5 Greek Day

Image of Year 5 Greek Day

What a fantastic morning we have had in Year 5 with Aleka Samothraki ( a parent  in our school) . We have been learning about Ancient Greeks this term and Aleka offered to come in and share the morning teaching the children how to write their names in Greek. She very kindly prepared a feast of…

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Year 5 Mandarin

Image of Year 5 Mandarin

What a great opportunity Year 5 have been given! On Monday afternoons, we have Jin coming in to teach the children Mandarin. The children have been leaning how to greet people, to count and other useful phrases. It is the first time that Jin has left his home country and is full of energy and…

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Kent Schools Golf Championship News

Image of Kent Schools Golf Championship News

On 3rd May, Christina (Year6) competed in the Kent Schools Golf Championships. Oscar (School Council , Year 6) interviewed her and Georgia (Year 6) took notes:

O: How long did it take to get to the tournament?
C: 45 minutes.

O: What sort of tournament was it?
C: A tournament for…

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Year 6 Relief prints - figures

Image of Year 6 Relief prints - figures

This term, Year 6 have created relief prints inspired by their ‘human figure in motion’ sculptures. The prints have been made using three printing plates. The backgrounds are collagraph (collage) prints made from fabric attached to a cardboard base with PVA glue and printed using a printing press.…

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The human figure in motion - sculpture

Image of The human figure in motion - sculpture

Year 6 have completed their ‘human figure in motion’ sculptures; this project was disrupted in term 3 due to covid.

In term 3, pupils learnt about the proportion of the human figure. They drew from mannequins and from movement on film (sporting imagery). As a class, we looked at the artists…

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Quicksticks Year 6

Image of Quicksticks Year 6

On Wednesday 30th March, 15 children from Year 6 attended the Quicksticks Tournament held by the Herne Bay Partnership but which included the Canterbury district as well. As with the Year 4 tournament, 25 schools attended and we fielded 2 teams. Team 2 played valiantly and with great enthusiasm…

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St Edmund’s Hockey Festival

Image of St Edmund’s Hockey Festival

On Monday 21st March, 10 children from Years 5 & 6, went to a sports festival held by St Edmund’s. The children benefited from taking part in lots of different hockey-related activities led by coaches from Canterbury Hockey Club and Sports Leaders from St Edmund’s school. They were treated to a…

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A chance to try different sports - accessible to all

Image of A chance to try different sports - accessible to all

On Thursday 31st March, six children from Years 3,4,5 & 6 attended an enjoyable sports event at Canterbury Academy run by Blean School. The children took part in 5 different activities which were Boccia, Seated Volleyball, Goal Ball, Pickleball and Body Boards. The children had a great time and…

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Judo Training (Commonwealth Games Initiative)

Image of Judo Training (Commonwealth Games Initiative)

On Thursday 24th March, 30 children from Years 4,5 & 6 attended a training session to introduce them to Judo. Martin, from the Prince of Wales Club, and his 3 coaches put the children through their paces and showed them how to perform some holds and how to understand the Judo commands. 


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