Forest School Year 3 Term 4 2024

Image of Forest School Year 3 Term 4 2024

Term 4 was all about the Stone age for Year 3! 

The children practised their knots, they created tools out of sticks and flint stones, they made their own natural paint brushes and paint and used the wattle and daub method to create walls and shelters. 

In our second session, we went to…

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Forest School Trip Year 3 2024 Covert Woods

Image of Forest School Trip Year 3 2024 Covert Woods

Beech class was lucky with good weather last week and we could explore Covert Woods. Unfortunately the wind forecasts were too strong for Chestnut class to go on Friday but we will try and find a replacement date. Safety always goes first. 

We listened to the sounds around us and played a…

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Egyptian necklaces - Year 3

Image of Egyptian necklaces - Year 3

The Year three topic this term was Ancient Egypt. Within Design Technology, pupils designed and made necklaces inspired by Ancient Egyptian art and jewellery. This was a DT textiles project and the main feature on each necklace is a rectangular shaped piece of weaving. Pupils also explored making…

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Forest School Year 3 Term 1 2023

Image of Forest School Year 3 Term 1 2023

We were lucky to have a warm and sunny term out in Forest School. 

Week one linked in with Year 3's Literacy learning about the book 'The tunnel'. The children learned a new challenging knot - the cowley hitch, which is an adjustable knot. We talked about not necessarily learning a knot…

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Year 3 The Tunnel

Image of Year 3 The Tunnel

Over the last few weeks,Year 3 have been reading the book The Tunnel. We used this as a stimulus in our art lessons. The children began by thinking of their own story. They first had to decide what creature would be in their story, what the creature would go through in order to get to another…

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Year 2 story-telling project

Image of Year 2 story-telling project

Story-telling. Art, writing and drama project.


Year two love a cross-curricular project! In term 5, we delivered a story-telling project combining art, writing and drama. The over-arching topic for the term was Indonesia and both art lessons and writing lessons used the country and its…

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Peacock hats - Year 2

Image of Peacock hats - Year 2

You may have already seen some spectacular peacocks strutting proudly home! Where have they come from?


Well, to celebrate their topic of Indonesia this term, Year 2 pupils have been practising the traditional Peacock Dance within their PE lessons with Laura. The only thing missing was the…

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Year 2 observational drawing - peacock feathers

Image of Year 2 observational drawing - peacock feathers

Year 2 observational drawing of peacock feathers


I just love these! Year 2 have been practising their observational skills this term by drawing peacock feathers. As a class, we explored the feel of the feathers and discussed the colours that can been seen within them. We looked at shapes…

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William Morris printing - Year 2

Image of William Morris printing - Year 2

Year 2 have been exploring relief printing and have created their own repeat patterns inspired the work of William Morris. Pupils have used their observational skills to draw from photographs of British wildlife and leaves. The drawings were then used when designing and making their own printing…

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Forest School Term 3 Year 1

Image of Forest School Term 3 Year 1

We had the owl babies visiting Forest School this term. Year 1 played a bird game - trying to find wool of different colours and learning about camouflaging. We supported the birds in our area but making natural bird feeders from apples, seeds and string. After a couple of weeks they had all…

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Forest School Year 1 Term 2 2022

Image of Forest School Year 1 Term 2 2022

Autumn weather has greeted us this term with wind, storm, rain, frost and sunshine. 

In Forerst School you have to be flexible and go with the elements. We could not make a fire on the first day as planned as it was too stormy. 

We read the book 'kind' and thought about how we can be kind to…

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Inky BEASTS - Year One

Image of Inky BEASTS - Year One

Mark-making inspired by ‘Billy and the Beast’. 


This term, Year one have been reading the book ‘Billy and the Beast’, by author and illustrator Nadia Shireen. Within art, we looked at Nadia Shireen’s illustrations and as a class discussed how she used her marks and lines to describe…

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